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Gratitude Got Me Through Cancer Treatment

One of the hardest things about cancer treatment was the effect it had on my psyche. Anxiety, depression, worry...but one of the things that turned that around was looking for something each day that was going right. Even on my darkest days, I could always find people and things that I appreciated.

A Thankful Heart, Five-Year Gratitude Journal is the perfect way to document the many blessings in your own life. It was designed to begin any day of the year - jot down something you're thankful for and record the date. Continue each day for a year and then go back to page one to begin Year 2.

When the book is completed you will have 1,825 entries of the many blessings in your life and when times get tough you can always refer to it to remind you of them.

A Thankful Heart is a paperback journal measuring 6" x 9" with a beautiful, simple design on its matte cover. It is great for personal use or as a gift for a family member, friend or colleague.

Order your copy on Amazon today…

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